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Millennium Medical Consultants


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Formation and Management of Physician-Owned Captive Insurance Companies for Medical Liability.

Millennium Medical Consultants, LLC is a BBB Accredited Business Consultant in Largo, FL

Captive Insurance Company Licensed in Anguilla

Millennium Medical Consultants, LLC

This illustration identifies the three Millennium companies which support the captive insurance companies. It also identifies the services provided by each of the three companies.

The annual fees for the services provided by the Millennium companies are negotiable, based upon the number of insured individuals and the complexity of the policies issued, but the bottom line is that we’ll set up the entire company and manage the entire painstaking process plus provide ongoing, skilled management for a very small % of your total premiums.  Much less than the overhead of the standard insurance companies.  We can give relatively accurate numbers at a later presentation when we understand the scope and size of the captive company being proposed.


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Millennium Medical Consultants, LLC

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