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Millennium Medical Consultants


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Formation and Management of Physician-Owned Captive Insurance Companies for Medical Liability.

Millennium Medical Consultants, LLC is a BBB Accredited Business Consultant in Largo, FL
  1. Utah has no premium taxes, imposes no taxes other than an annual fee.
  2. There is easy access to regulators and legislators; with a reasonable and effective regulatory environment.
  3. There is an online application process and regulators have a commitment to technological advancements.
  4. Salt Lake City is home to an international airline hub and is a central location for western states. You can get to Salt Lake City from just about anywhere.
  5. The regulations allow for the insurance companies to establish a Letter of Credit from a US bank as a means of providing funding for the capital requirement.
  6. Initial licensing and registrations costs, as well as annual renewal costs are very reasonable.

These are the reasons why Millennium Medical Consultants chose Utah for the licensing domicile: